Hand selecting the lumber for your custom stretcher bars.


  • The wood we use to make our artist canvas is either Douglas Fir or Radiata Pine.
  • The Douglas Fir is clear without knots or finger-joints and is used for a lighter weight frame.
  • The Radiata Pine is finger-jointed (however, the finger-joints are overlapped), without knots and is primed white for smooth appearance. 
  • Each board is hand selected to make sure each piece lays straight and flat on an even surface. This will keep the frame from "torquing" (when a corner of the frame comes away from the wall).


Hand assembling of the canvas frame


  • Each canvas is hand-made and assembled one piece at a time. 
  • They are critically measured for squareness and accurate dimensions.
  • All canvases usually have at least 1/2" clearance between the canvas and the brace bars, so you can push hard on the canvas without touching the braces.
  • All  have complete bracing, sometimes as many as 13 braces  of various lengths are used. This helps to prevent bowing, warping or torquing.
  • We mitre, glue and staple the pieces together with an acrylic white glue that dries clear and is NOT brittle. Once assembled it can not be adjusted or taken apart. 
  • All our stretcher bars are reusable.
  • We can install a wire hanger or D-rings (or both) for an additional charge.

Hand stretching a large custom canvas


  • The fabric used is a medium weight cotton/nylon blend canvas which is primed with a universal Acrylic Titanium formula, suitable for oil and acrylic paint.
  • A buffered sizing of non-acidic PH protects the canvas fibers from direct contact with the final priming.
  • Having the nylon in the blend keeps the canvas tighter for longer. Should tightening be desired, lightly moisten  (with TAP WATER) the back of the canvas with a sponge or fine mist bottle. DO NOT SOAK. Once dry, the canvas should tighten against the frame.
  • All canvases are Gallery Wrapped with staples on the back using galvanized staples (no rust). 
  • Folds in the corners are tucked under and put on the top and bottom, leaving the sides smooth, so picture framing may not be necessary. 
  • We custom-make them fresh, so you can receive the tightest stretch!